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About Us - About the Owners

Sharon Sinnott is the owner of Belle Maison . After living and working for many years in Vancouver B.C. and London U.K.  Sharon moved back to Port Kirwan in 2009 to pursue her lifetime dream of developing her family home into a unique dine and dream. Her love of entertaining, music and culinary exploration was the driving force that kept her on this journey. Her many travels throughout Europe and North America opened her eyes to a variety of accommodations and dining experiences all of which she has drawn from to create Belle Maison.

Philip Sinnott: February 21 1954- July 03 2009

Philip was the driving force behind Belle Maison.  He travelled the world as an employee of British Airways and as a retiree.  He loved to walk, hike, cycle, play rugby and run marathons. He loved great food , great wine and Guinness. He loved music ,family and friends.  When Philip came to Port Kirwan for the very first time he brought with him a new enthusiasm for what for many of us was a life and locale we took for granted. His high spirited excitement for what he referred to as Shangri La was infectious. To all of us locals the familiar scenery, trails, sunsets, rocky shores, home cooking, fresh local meats, fish and produce all became new again.  Philip brought the world to Port Kirwan with his stories and anecdotes.  He was an avid reader and for months on end would read at night and at breakfast he would tell the story chapter for chapter to my elderly parents who were joining him at the dining table. Stories from The Life of Pi to The Dubliners, from Gullivers Travels to Michael Palin and everything in between.  Philip had a tremendous respect for my parents and this house. They learned so much from each other. It was a winning combination.  He saw value in everything that most of us took for granted.  My parents welcoming hikers (strangers) off the trail for a snack a drink and a tune was something that both excited and intrigued him.  He would always say with such command in his tone " this place and you people are the best I've ever seen." It was from hours of conversation over copious amounts of Burgundy that the idea of honoring the house was born.  A bed and breakfast would be the way forward. 

Philip Sinnott taught me most of what I need to know to get by in this world.  Through our years of travel and adventure I was able to piece by piece bring the world back to Port Kirwan.  Belle Maison is a tribute to the fine folks who enabled me to pursue the dream.  I inherited this family home from my parents but it was Philip who made the dream come to reality.  Belle Maison is designed around the things that mattered most to the people who lived and loved in this house.  Phil Sinnott died in July 2009.  His memory will live on at Belle Maison.