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About Us - Our Story

When Tom and Jane Fennelly built their family home in Port Kirwan in the late 1800's little did they know the wood from that same house would be incorporated in Belle Maison more than 100 years later.  In 1960 Tom and Jane's son Raymond took down his family home and built a new home on the site using as much material as he could from the original house.  Raymond and Belle raised six children in their home.  In 2014 the youngest of the children set out on a journey of rebuilding the family home.  This time the house was taken down from the inside all the way to the frame and lovingly and meticulously rebuilt into what is now known as Belle Maison. 

The Fennelly home was a drop in for family, friends and strangers alike.  When Belle moved in to Raymond's life in 1948 she brought a musical influence that would ultimately be the legacy of Belle Maison.  Raymond was a brilliant dancer and Belle was an award winning musician and together they played perfect hosts to hundreds of visitors from all over the world.  In 2005 Sharon inherited the family home and together with  Raymond and Belle they spent hours planning what life would be like if the house became a B&B.  Raymond passed in 2008.  After 64 years together Belle was lost.  Conversations and dreams about the endless possibilities for the house kept her busy.  Whilst she was involved in the planning and influential in the design and décor she passed in 2014 before seeing the completion.  In her honor the name was chosen.  Belle Maison is a hospitality home that has served as such for more than three generations.  We will continue the tradition.