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About Us - The Doors

Over the years I had many conversations with my parents about their childhood homes. My mother would recall with such pride her home in Aquaforte. Whilst there was very little money in that household they had everything they needed. The house was filled with joy.  In her recollections she always referenced with fondness the timber framed house with the gable roof. Recalling how as a young girl she single handily painted the exterior of the house one summer as her father was offshore fishing.  It was always intriguing to me how she could remember almost every detail of the old narrow clapboard. She worked in service in St. John's and would buy paint and lace for her parents from her salary. I heard about every color choice that was ever used in that house. Her descriptions of the fishing shacks, the barns and the root cellar were vivid.
My father grew up in his parents home in Port Kirwan. In looking through the old photographs of the house I was able to get him to describe the interior in a way that I felt like I had walked through every room.  The design, colors, materials all described in detail.
The church played a huge part in my parents lives. The church in Ferryland was mom's place of worship.  Port Kirwan had it's own church. Details of both of these church's were often recalled.  Sometimes on a daily basis.
As a way of bringing those old stories into the "new house" I designed three stained glass doors with the help and expertise of SGO Designer Glass Studio.  I chose the colors and shapes that were so often described to me over the years and designed unique pieces that will hopefully encourage conversation for years to come.  A fourth door created for the entranceway uses a school of cod fish as its theme.   The cod fishery was the backbone of my parents lives and played an intregal role in mine. 
Sharon Sinnott